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We offer a wide variety of custom icons and custom icons design services that are sure to meet your budget needs and your style demands, all done with fast turnaround times in a process that allows you to keep complete control of the design of your icons! We also offer ready to use packages you can download now! We are custom icon design!

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  • PNG and ICNS files with all icons.
  • Deliveries are 100% verified malware-free!.
  • License for personal use and limited commercial use.
  • Free technical support!

Make sure to download the free sample available with every icon collection!

Our icons come complete with a user license that allows for free, unlimited use of the icons for personal purposes, and limited use for commercial applications and different file formats such as PNG and ICNS. 


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Blues Legends

Contains 18 Icons

The Solar System

Contains 24 Icons

Contains 14 Icons

The Exoplanets

Contains 14 Icons

The Founding Fathers

Contains 24 Icons

The Golden Actresses

Contains 25 Icons

The Golden Actors

Contains 14 Icons

Western Guys

Patriotic Folders

Contains 14 Icons

Contains 22 Icons

The Cute Zoo

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